Zim in costs fix as fuel prices spike

ZIMBABWE is in a cost problem as fuel prices remain the highest in the region due to various factors, which push up diesel and petrol retail prices.

This follows complaints about the recent spike in fuel prices, with consumers raising questions around the high cost of diesel and petrol.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) last week reviewed fuel prices for the second time in a week, following an increase in oil prices on the international market.

Movements on the international market have affected other countries in the region but Zimbabwe’s fuel prices remain the highest in the region.

Angola is selling at (petrol US$0,33), (diesel US$0,28); Mozambique (petrol US$1,08), (diesel US$0,96); Botswana (petrol US$1,08), (diesel US$1,06); Zambia (petrol US$1,21), (diesel US$1,06); South Africa (petrol US$1,38), (diesel US$1,39) and; Zimbabwe (petrol US$1,67), (diesel US$1,68). As illustrated in the graph.