Private Markets

The FINSEC Private Markets is a market place that brings together private companies and investors seeking alternative investment opportunities. Using a digital platform, GEM Portal, the FINSEC Private Markets connects enterprises to Qualified Institutional Investors (QII) and High Networth Individuals (HNI) through automated screening, pipeline building, value discovery, funding and offers investors a smooth exit mechanism.


The FINSEC Private Markets offers Enterprises the following:

• Value discovery
• Debt and equity funding
• Incubation
• Over The Counter trading
• Acceleration

Business Exchange

The FINSEC Private Markets enables the buying and selling of entire business by facilitating:

• Screening
• Value Discovery
• Listing
• Settlement
• Delivery vs Payment


The platform avails investment opportunities to QIIs and HNIs through:

• Pipeline of screened enterprises
• Indicative valuation
• De-risking
• Continuous supervision of investments

Business Advisors

The FINSEC Private Markets platform offers Enterprises access to the following professional expertise:

• Financial advisors
• Legal advisors
• Financial analysts
• Accountants and auditors.

Private Markets Services


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