Fixed Income Market

The FINSEC Fixed Income Market facilitates the issuance and listing of Medium Term Notes and Corporate Bonds. The market is anchored on approved rules and a technology platform that automates the issuance, pricing, trading and settlement of fixed income securities.


Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds are issued by companies seeking long term debt capital. 

Corporations issue debt instruments (a bond) to investors in order to raise funds for a specific project; capital expenditure or to expand their business. In return, investors receive a series of interest payments and then get their initial investment back when the bond reaches maturity. FINSEC provides a one stop shop for all these activities.




Medium Term Notes

FINSEC enables corporates to issue and list Medium Term Notes (MTN). An MTN, as its name suggests, is a debt note that usually matures in 5-10 years but the term may be as little as 1 year. These can be issued on a fixed or floating basis. FINSEC facilitates the issuance of these notes in program and series that enable corporates to continuously fund their operations over a period of time while giving a return to investors.

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